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Eras of Design Playing Cards

Print Design
Packaging Design
Vector Illustration
In one of my classes, we were tasked with selecting an ephemeral object and a client. With this, we would design the ephemera to pertain to each era of design. An ephemera is something that is timeless and yet fleeting. They are meant to document an event or a point in time, and although they aren’t meant to last forever, they become collectible and people cherish them for much longer. For this project, I chose to design special edition playing cards for the Monte Carlo Casino.

Over the course of the semester, I designed the front and back of the cards for 9 different design eras including: Victorian 19th century, Art Nouveau (in two parts), Sachplakat/Dada, Modern Art, Bauhaus, International, Postmodern, and Contemporary. I will also modified the Monte Carlo Casino logo, which can be seen incorporated into each design.

A few highlighted cards with the box design

The front and back of some of the cards in the collection

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