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Rocketman Covers

Print Design

The fictional project consists of creating three conceptually different covers for the book, Rocketman, by Mark Bego. Each of the covers have different concepts behind their designs. The first pays homage to Elton John’s flamboyant costumes using his iconic platform shoe edited to reflect his star logo. A die-cut was implemented to add to the playfulness, and the design was made so it could feel as though the reader could reach out and grab the shoe off of the book. The second book plays homage to the song the book is named after and the origins of Elton John’s career. It symbolizes how his pianist career skyrocketed into the life of a rocker once “Rocketman” grew popular. The third cover is more simplistic with the song lyrics and a silhouette of Elton John at his piano. The rainbow is used to be a tribute to his flamboyant nature but also his connection to the LGBTQIA+ community. The designs were meant to be straight to the point and be more symbolic of Elton John’s life without creating a book with his portrait on the cover. 

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