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The Good Truck

Brand Identity
Social Media Marketing
Packaging Design

The Good Truck is a fictional food truck inspired by the television show, The Good Place. It features a variety of frozen yogurt flavors which reflect those in the show where they taste like specific feelings. At night, The Good Truck transforms into The Bad Truck. At The Bad Truck, the frozen yogurt flavors are all spiked, and the food truck turns into a sort of “speak-easy”.

The Good Truck’s mission is to connect people through a shared love of frozen yogurt and the television show. The Good Truck, alongside The Bad Truck, is a unique twist on a well-known tv show mixed with the classic love for food truck culture. This project was developing the brand identity and creating a brand that resembles the television show while combining it with notable features of food truck culture. Through this project, research of the television show was also taken into consideration to pay homage to the details of it.

Images of the truck design

Menu board + Packaging

Social media graphics

Minimal brand guidelines

Inspiration imagery
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