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UX/UI Design
Brand Identity
App Design

c-safe is a fictional startup company that makes at-home Covid-19 test kits. The kit contains a sterile cotton swab and a vial of solution. The user simply swabs their nose and places the swab in the vial. Then the vial communicates with an app on the user’s phone to give the result of the test. The app walks the user through the steps of self-testing and offers guidance along the way.

Through this app design, my goal was to evoke feelings of comfort, empathy, and kindness. I believe many times when it comes to getting sick with COVID, people were blamed that it was there fault for getting it or they worried about being judged for contracting the virus. However, it is scary to get sick and this app should help create a feeling of comfort for those when they find out their COVID results. It should also lead to spreading kindness and empathy towards others who get sick. Please click this link to view the application prototyped in Adobe XD.

Overview of the screens of the app

Ideation process for the company brand identity

Brand guidelines and color scheme
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